Welcome To PMC Water Systems Inc.

PMC WATER SYSTEMS SERVICES INC. is a water treatment company that is committed to earning the trust and respect of its clients. Our mandate is clear and concise; provide our clients with proven products, knowledgeable and informative service at an honest and affordable cost.

PMC WATER SYSTEMS SERVICES INC. has been solving our customer's water treatment problems since 1991. With a mandate of providing value through service, PMC has helped our customers save money by conserving energy, water, reducing downtime and increasing equipment efficiency.

Call or Email us today to learn how you can benefit from PMC WATER SYSTEMS SERVICES INC. products, services and treatment programs.

Our office, laboratory and chemical manufacturing facility are located in Concord, Ontario which allows us to effectively supply and service the Ontario and Quebec market region.

At PMC WATER SYSTEMS SERVICES INC. we believe that a successful water treatment program is far more than just supplying chemicals. Proper application, knowledgeable and informative service, effective communication and documentation are all key elements.

Our Laboratory well continue to research for innovative ways to deliver quality, reliability and value to our customers.

Is there a difference among water treatment companies? We think so.

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